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Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Leveler ramp equipped with to hydraulic cylinders which assure an equilibrated and safe functioning of the ramp. The ramp is equipped with safety valves for emergency stops. The hydraulic ramps come in two versions:

– Folding hinged lip

– Retractable (telescopic) lip

The electro-hydraulic system displaces the platform to its highest position and extends a hinged lip. Then, the platform descends until the hinged lip rests upon the loading surface. Now you can begin loading and unloading. The special hinges and the continuous hinge band guarantee a reliable functioning. Due to the open design, the hinges are kept free of paper. The hinged lip dock leveler can be available for rated loads up to 180Kn. According to the EN 1398, the hinged lip must rest upon at least 100mm of the loading deck. Therefore, the effective distance that can be reached by leveler ramps with hinged lips is inferior to the length of the lip (e.g. with a standard lip of 405mm, the bridging length is of 330mm). The depth of the support also depends on the depth of the rubber stops and, in some cases, of the truck’s stops.

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