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Cold Storage Room Door

Ferrocor Cold Storage/Room Doors are manufactured in highly resistant stainless steel frames, covered with pre-painted and injected steel, over which a thick ironwork of stainless steel and anodized aluminum is placed, making up a cold storage/room door of high resistance, excellent sealing and thermal isolation.


Sliding industrial door ideal for conservation (+0°C), freezing (-20°C) cold chambers and freezing tunnels (-40°C). Perfect for meat, fishery, fruit and vegetable, dairy and logistic industries.

Recommended for cold chambers and access zones where large dimensioned doors or vent incorporated doors are needed.


CE rated and certified under UNE-EN 13241-1 regulations door, in accordance with all security requirements. Robust door with a stainless steel and anodized aluminum guide, which allows an intense use.

Fast and simple assembly, due to its easy and precise adjustment.

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