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Steel Roll Up Door – Rhino Nema

Specially designed to fulfill all current industry needs, without forgetting about the security and quality features that characterize us. We have our own coring machine, allowing us to offer a varied range of designs and alternatives. They can cover up to a 15m length.

We have incorporated technology to our steel roll up doors, so that we can offer new security solutions with the use of optional accessories.

We are direct importers of lifting mechanisms, allowing us to guarantee an optimum functioning and after-sales service.


motor-nemaThe Rinho Nema Roll Up Door has one of the highest quality motors existing in the current market, specially designed for FERROCOR. They are manufactured and tested to provide a reliable service with means to fulfill the toughest uses of the mining and industrial sector. Nema 4x 1hp 380V. / three-phase / 50Hz.

– Universal format to fit designed frames.
– Industrial bearings on the exit axis.
– Emergency electrical chain with lift.
– 3 programmable buttons for opening / closing / functioning stop.
– Maintenance of the alert system™ will allow to set a programmed routine maintenance based on number of cycles and/or a calendar date.
– Includes an auto-diagnose system to solve minor problems.
– Ability to program mid stops.
– Incorporated programmable timer for maximum time.



They are assembled on an axis with torsion springs that rotate around their own center, storing mechanical energy that is proportionally liberated in spin forms while opening or closing. This allows an easy activation, either in manual terms or through a motorized activation.


– Siren and beacon light
– Obstacle sensor
– Keypad
– Manual locking system
– Remote control
– UPS (external backup battery)
– Encoder
– Rubber seal

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