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Sectional Door

Sectional Doors are an alternative solution to your needs for closure, due to their solid structure and properties; they allow a thermal isolation.

Ferrocor is the exclusive sales representative in Chile of the most prestigious brand worldwide of sectional doors: MARTIN DOOR. This way we can offer an exclusive range of varied designs.


Industrial sectional doors are designed to provide greater value, durability and esthetic quality to the place or space where they are installed. They are assembled on an axis with torsion springs that rotate around their own center, storing mechanical energy that is proportionally liberated in spin forms while the door is opening or closing. This allows an easy activation, either in manual terms or through a motorized activation. Ferrocor offers the highest standards of quality in industrial sectional doors, in terms of installation, price and quality.



According to the opening system of the doors, they can be classified in:

– Normal lift: The door remains completely horizontal to the lintel of the opening.
– High lift: The door remains completely horizontal, but with a higher altitude in relation to the lintel of the opening.
Vertical lift: The door remains completely vertical (like a guillotine), above the lintel of the opening.

We are representatives of: Martin Doors - Infraca - Flexon - Luxaflex