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Ultra Tough Mining Door


The Ultra Tough Mining Door “FUR”  is the only model manufactured with rubber and polyester technology, materials that allow to deliver exceptional mechanical resistance and withstand the direct impact of heavy vehicles, the Ultra Tough  Rubber Mining Door stands out for its special guides, designed to seal the gate, reduce air currents and prevent the entry or exit of particulate material.


Our Ultra Resistant Roll Up Rubber Doors are designed to resist the most adverse climate conditions and accidental impacts from mayor equipment, being able to continue functioning.

The Reinforced Rubber material, together with the deformable bottom bar and articulated guides, allow the rubber door to be 100% restored functionally in just a few minutes.

Its opening speed can reach 1.0 m/sec and you can add the most varied range of accessories to increase security for operating personnel and equipment.

It is available with different kinds of activation systems, which will allow increasing your team’s productivity with very low maintenance costs.

All the structure is finished with an electrostatic based paint, specially applied to resist corrosion in harsh climates.

Our ULTRA RESISTANT rubber door has the resistance, reliability and speed that can resist time and conditions that no other conventional or high speed roll up door could. This makes the ULTRA RESISTANT rubber door the most resistant door in the world.

It’s the ideal solution for mining facilities, truck stores and stock piles, among others.


Ultra Tough Mining Rubber Door

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