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Steel Roll Up Fire Resistant Door Cert. IDIEM RF120

Our IDIEM certified firewall door provides a solid structure that will allow controlling the passing of flames for a period of 120 minutes.

It is equipped with a series of electrical security devices that will activate the alarm and the firewall door in presence of smoke and high temperatures.



The firewall door is made up with RF-1504 semi-flat slats and RF-1504 semi-curve stainless steel slats of 90mm of width and 1mm of thickness.


End-locks made of black steel of 32 x 3mm, screwed on with stainless steel screws of 5/16’ x 1’, with a 550mm distance between each one.


The firewall door uses guides in both sides, and has a vertical double G-shaped angle guide of 81mm of depth and 17mm of opening.

These guides cover approximately 60mm of the firewall door.

Each “double G-shaped” guide is made with out of three profile angles screwed to the wall with stainless steel G2 “Fixser” hexagonal screws of 1/2’ x 1 1/2’.


It has two laminated steel angle-like profiles of 65x65x5mm, fixed with stainless steel screws of 5/16’ x 1’, with 550mm distance between each one.


The “G-shaped” guide has within it a ceramic coat to offer higher resistance.



– Lateral motor
– Roll up door housing (optional)
– Short-circuit fuse
– Smoke detector
– Keypad
– Remote control (optional)
– Rubber seal (optional)
– Siren (optional)
– Beacon (optional)
– Ceramic coat
– End-lock

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